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do you ever just have something totally irrational that gets under your skin and makes you feel guilty and inadequate late at night when you're trying to rest your brain and gear up for another productive happy day the next morning?
about six months ago, I was eating an apple, and then i tried to make sure a gas valve was properly shut off in a small college laboratory. it was probably silly to "make sure" the thing was off in the first place, seeing as it was obviously not leaking anything, and i had NOT turned it on before-hand. Anyhow, perhaps one fear just led to another, because after i had "made sure it was off", i suddenly had this guilty panic-attack that i had gotten apple on the valve and therefore "tainted it". I know it is not and would not harm anyone, but I am still pestered by the thought. can anyone offer some rational advice to this conundrum?
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