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right i dont know if any of you have read my other thread but basically my gf is really unsure about the relationship at the and yesterday was kind of a big decider. anyway all went better than i expected she's still a little unsure, but something happened that i know must have put her of a bit and iam certanly embarrised about.

I was feeling a little i'll but not to bad and she really wanted to be intimate. But.... all that jiggling about made me start to feel really i'll and i had to rush off to the toilet to throw up.
I was so embarassed and she did say today that it put her off a little bit wich probably means "i gona find it off putting to ever have sex with you again". I mean is there anything worse that could have happened? it was nothing to do with her i just felt i'll that evening, but what do i do, what do i say so that it doesnt put her off big time?


I'm sorry that your having problems still with your girlfriend and her not knowing what she wants etc. Yet you being ill last night was not in your the way I see it is that you have nothing to explain to her. You were sick and I really hope she understands that. If she doesn't ..then she really doesn't seem to be 'good' for you nor healthy.

I hope you are feeling better.


Just tell her you were sick.? I really don't think it should be a big deal, at least it wouldn't be to me.? Maybe it would be a little off putting THAT night, but I sure wouldn't think it would matter after that...and it would certainly not be a deciding factor in the relationship.

It seems like a good sign that she wanted to be intimate though. :)

Hope you're feeling better.


Toeless said:
Just tell her you were sick. I really don't think it should be a big deal, at least it wouldn't be to me.

I agree with Toeless and JKB, This was out of your control. Tell her you were sick and that it had nothing to do with her and the intimacy. When your nervous your body does have different reaction. I really don't see how the two situation would have an impact if you tell her what happend. COMMUNICATION between a couple is one of the most important thing.

Good luck and give us some feedback!
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