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I have no clue.Hopefully you can figure something out so you don't have to.

Did you stop going completely without talking it over with your therapist?
i wish i had the energy to have continue to work
i would not have to leave then
i brought this all on myself
i will call therapist Monday i will try have been trying awhile now but cannot speak when i let it ring through
i don't want to talk to a machine i want to talk to my therapist i need to tell him to thank him for all he has done for me
but everything that has a start has an end just something i remember from a show Being Erica how true


Well can you just leave a message on his machine telling him to call you back?

Or maybe it would be better to schedule a session and talk to him about it then? I don't know what amount you have to pay for a session,but I'm sure it would be well worth whatever it is.


Terminating therapy is just as important as therapy itself and really should be done over the course of several sessions when possible. It is one of the most important and intimate relationships you've had and deserves more than a phone call or email. Also, there may be opportunities and options your therapist can present such as a sliding fee scale or reduced frequency of sessions that should be explored and discussed. It's also important to wrap up the work you've done together properly.

please don't leave it to a phone call...
i don't want to end this with a phone call i don't
i will ask therapist to call me back i won't leave a msg just ask him to call me back and try to explain then can't do that until Monday i am not booked to see him until 19th i think of this month and i want to give him enough time to rebook someone else into that spot


Maybe you've thought of this already, but you can write down what you want to say and practice it a few times. Remember that the therapist has had many other patients who have ended therapy, so that's not a new thing for the therapist to hear. It's a new thing for you, at least for this therapist.

By the way, I have been always scared of ending therapy. Usually, I waited for some kind of external change that the therapist couldn't question. Like I was moving or changing jobs, so I couldn't come to appointments anymore. So I haven't exactly practiced what I'm preaching.........:lol:
I am not catastrophic i am seeing reality as it is ok
just talk to my therapist says i am catastrophying
no i am seeing things quite clearly i am seeing reality as it is
i am not providing i am taking away from the bills that have to be paid
i am not providing i have not been providing since i retired
does he not know how that feels I have always looked after me i have always paid my way i don't expect people to do that for me
i have decided to go to the appt on june 19 it is only fair to talk to him in person to give him that
he has put alot of time and effort into helping me i will not end it with a dam phone call dam it
somehow i will find a new job one with less stress and i will be someone again i will
Not inside my head Dr. Baxter right now i am no one i knew this was going to be difficult but i underestimated the impact it would have on me
wow just i need to be able to provide for a least myself not be dependent on anyone
oh i am not knowing who i am right now i don't feel like anyone and i want so badly to end this
see i can keep me under control i can but then i get thinking and everything overwhelms me and then emotions come and of course i am lost because me and emotions are not good
anger always anger afterwards i get so mad at me for breaking down
sorry i am going on i just don't feel like anything


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Thinking of you Forgetmenot....

Also in the meantime...

People are not islands. That is not how humans generally function and they do not need to. Humans group themselves into little units, groupings, etc, to survive, to live more easily, or to achieve more.

A family or a couple is a unit, and their resources should be shared - not necessarily based on where those resources are or aren't coming from (who is or is not bringing them in) at any given time.

Times happen when husbands provide for wives; times happen when wives provide for husbands. Sometimes one partner does all the providing for a lifetime; and this is even sometimes when the other one does not do the house duties etc - for all kinds of reasons..... it happens.

Parents provide for children (or are supposed to). Children often provide or do things for parents later in life. Parents, adult children, siblings, friends, or acquaintances usually help and support each other in countless ways.

Even in a more general sense, humans often need/want things from each other and do things for each other, and that is fine, each person can ask respectfully and give freely if they want to, or they can say what they cant or wont do.It doesn't mean weakness, danger, lower worth, vulnerability, exploitation, a lower position, or owing. If healthy, it is part of natural human coexistence. It's not negative, to receive something or be helped or supported or given to, or to ask/look for a way for that to happen, when circumstances change.....

Definitely feels uncomfortable for many though.... but maybe without good reason.....

Nobody can give, but never ever ask or receive....

i understand somewhat but i never ask for anything i just take care of me and when i cannot do that i get frighted i don't want anyone looking after me
i want to be an equal i want to pull my weight not wanting to be weak i want to be someone not wanting to be dependent on anyone because then they have control not me.
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