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I'm not even sure if this is a doesn't bother me...much, but I'm just curious whether this is a psychological disorder of any sort.

To start, I constantly talk to myself. Whenever I'm alone I'll talk or mutter things aloud. I think that this is normal though. And, also normal I think, I tend to make up fantasies in my mind.

What isn't normal is that these I sometimes stay in bed for an extra few hours in the morning and go to sleep much later that I should to fantasize about another life in another world. I incorporate things from my day and life into them, mostly from movies and books, but I'm always the main character and I'm usually a very independant, dominant figure. Its as if I'm living the life/lives that I would want to live in real life but in my mind.

So, when I'm alone at home I pace around downstairs, thinking of the fake life that I'm leading in a fantasy. Whatever I feel like in the fantasy, I make the expression on my face in real life, unintensionally, and I actually feel the emotions myself, as if they were real. I can feel my heartbeat speed up and slow down with that of my fictional self's.

And I'm not sad about my life or anything. I'm happy and content. I'm just 18 and in college now. An interesting point is that I don't have much of a social life. I belong to a small group of friends, but I usually stay home and be alone. If I feel the need to socialize, I can actually satisfy it by fantasizing rather than going out in real life. I almost find it better to fantasize a social life, than really have one. In my fantasy, everything can go the way that I want it, and so I get whatever it is that I want from social interaction. But in real life, I would go out with friends, and they'd talk about something I dont care about or complain about something or something else. There are so many uncontrolled varibles in real life, but in my mind, I hold all the cards.

I know that last paragraph probably sounds a bit psycho. And, yes, I can distinguish between reality and what's in my mind. Most of the time anyway, sometimes I forget whether I thought something up or whether it really happened.

In writing this out, it actually doesn't sound like I have a problem rather than an overactive imagination or something, but any feedback, comments, or anything would be really appreciated. Thanks

Hello ,
Although i may not have the answers you were looking for maybe if you are soo intreagued and curious to know why you do the things you do and why you have certain behaviors maybeif you seeked help from a psychiatrist so that he or she can make the proper diagnostic.. I am only 18 as well or soon to be 18 and well your behaviors do seem a bit curious but italso could be othing and just part of your personnality you never know ...
*have you behaved( i don't know if that is the correct word) this way since you were a childor is it just recent?
*have you ever disgused this matter with anybody
yours trully
sorry i could nnot help much



I've behaved this way through all of my childhood, but it's been getting more and more prominent over the past few years.

I haven't dicussed this with anyone yet. This is the first time that I'm telling anyone. I'm not really sure whether there is anything to bother going to a psychiatrist about or not, so I haven't spoken with one. If you think that I should see a psychiatrist, any guesses about what condition I might have? Thanks

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Having read your other post on anxiety/social anxiety, I suspect that what you're describing here is probably a manifestation of the same issues.



Before it wasn't really bothering me too much.; I sort of thought of it as a hobby. Actually, over the winter holidays I hardly experienced any of what I wrote about previosly, which I was really relieved by. But a new semester just started at college and I was perfectly fine the first week. I did all my studying and readings, but then the next week (this week) I've fallen back into fantasizing, which is actually interfereing very much.

I don't think that it's been this bad before. I just zone out for hours at a time and fantasize about being different characters and in different sitautions which I wouldn't get into in my real life. I've been skipping my classes, I've hardly left my room, I haven't been eating or sleeping nearly enough. It's as if its completely taking over, and I've never felt that it was a problem before now..and now it a bit of a big problem for me.

Whenever I'm having any psychological issues (OCD symptoms, anxiety attacks, etc.), I can usually convince myself that everything's fine, and I will feel better then. But here I feel completely helpless. I have a class in 1.5 hours and I NEED and WANT to go to it, but I just can't bring myself to go. Its as if my mind's saying "Na, I rather stay here and zone out into your imagination". And I know that I'll end up staying here and missing class, and I'll feel like hell because of it.

I NEED to have good grades this semester to keep scholarship and skipping classes and not studying is pretty damn damaging to my average.

I'm thinking that I have to go to the school psychiatrist, but I'd like to have an idea of what she's going to tell me. Will medication help? Should I take medication for this? I've read a few people's personal experiences with medication for OCD and such, and it sounds like I'd possibly be in a worse situation taking pills due to the side-effects and depedance.


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I'm thinking that I have to go to the school psychiatrist, but I'd like to have an idea of what she's going to tell me.
Whatever it is, you still have the choice of acting on her advice or ignoring it. I would recommend that you see the school counselor as a starting point.

Will medication help? Should I take medication for this?
It might. The person in the best position to make that recommendation would be your doctor, though. The first step is an accurate diagnosis or problem identification. Then you can talk about solutions.

I've read a few people's personal experiences with medication for OCD and such, and it sounds like I'd possibly be in a worse situation taking pills due to the side-effects and dependance.
Don't believe everything you read, especially on the net. First, the medciations commonly used today are non-addictive. Second, whether ot not you will experience any side-effects at all and especially the more troublesome ones you may have read about is a very individual thing -- some people have none at all -- and can usually be resolved by trying a related but different medication.


Hey there. I've also been doing the same things as you, I know exactly what you mean when you said you can actually feel the emotions of your "character" in whatever situation you are fantasizing about and make even the same facial expressions. As far as taking medication, I've been told my my psychologist and people from this forum that medication will help with therapy. Good luck Jeyn, take care:)


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Hi Mashka,

Just to let you know, this post is actually quite old - 2006. I did the same thing when I first came here but wanted to let you know....:) It take a while to know what to look at - I've become quite the pro at looking at posting dates :)


hmm..i was about to tell her to try going to the class but i guess thats......3 years, 1.5 hours too late!
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