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just as a general comment, I don't know of how much use it is to post exact weights and heights on an ed board. I mean, I understand the relevance of this information for a diagnosis or even to make others understand how "bad" or how "normal" things are, but you also have to keep in mind that people get triggered by this. That it can lead people to want to compete with these numbers and that they will inadvertantly compare themselves to those numbers, whether that was the person's orginal intention or not. I know that noone means harm by this and I know that maybe I am the only person who sees it like this, but from having been on different boards it at least calls for a notice of "triggering" or something. I don't know where the line is, and by entering these boards people should expect to find this kind of information, but I personally think you can bring a point across without specifically posting this kind of information. I mean, I would never even think of going to the si board and listing all the ways you can si and which ones are "better" or ie. how someone can kill him/herself. neither would someone post how to best lose "x" amount of weight in support of an ed. so, why should you post information that triggers people to compete for a new goal???

check out "Please be sensitive to potential triggers"

doesn't this fall under the above as well?

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I agree completely, Eunoia. I think it is possible to talk about issues with self-injury or anorexia or anything else without the graphic details and I have asked and do ask that members remember this.

While I and the moderators do try to read all posts with this in mind, the number of members and the number of posts on this forum these days makes it difficult not to miss one or two.

If you have seen a post that concerns you (and here I mean "you" to refer to any and all members of the forum), please bring it to my attention so that i can review it.
i agree!

I find it insentive for people to go and post there wieght on the board cause that just encourages others to sink deeper in the anorexia or the bulimia and it could be ery dangerous.. most peope with e-ds are very competitive and well knowing that oanother girl weighs lesswill only do harm than good and even sometimes when a girl posts it she is in a way looking for peope to express how thin she is just to make her want it even more according to me
.. so well lets' do an effort to stop this .!!!
yours trully
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