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ok here's what i have been wondering. what motivates a person to become a therapist? what percentage are men vs women? what qualities should a person have to make a good therapist? do therapists get sick of their job? (i suppose anyone could get tired of their job regardless of what it is). is it a draining job or rewarding or just like anything else does it depend on the day? does it get boring after doing it for years on end?
Hi Baseballcap,

Many things can motivate a person to become a therapist. I was told that I would make a good one because I was a good listener. Being a therapist seemed to fit naturally with me. I believe there are far more women in the field now then in the past. Qualities of a good therapist include but are not limited to: being geniune, being an active listener, being present and providing unconditional positive regard. I do not get tired or sick of my job. I enjoy my work and my clients. I don't find my job draining or boring. I don't take my work home with me either. I hope I answered your questions?
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