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Simple Relaxation - A Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is from and is one part of a three-part relaxation and stress management system. This guided meditation uses visualization techniques and a subtle rhythm to guide your mind to the relaxing Alpha state. You will experience a deep relaxation of the body and mind. The focus of this meditation is to quiet the Somatic Nervous System (Voluntary Nervous System).

For a complete relaxation practice use Simple Relaxation to relax the muscles of the body and the somatic nervous system. Use Quiet Mind to restore the experience of calm and balance to the mind and central nervous system. Finally, use Sympathetic Breathing to restore profound relaxation to the heart and autonomic nervous system -- your fight or flight response. Together these three practices form a profound relaxation system that is essential for any stress management or stress relief practice.



I used to laugh at this kind of stuff, but it actually works.

Was a good way to start off my day.
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