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and I can't stop thinking about the "what ifs." What if I hadn't lost that person? How would things be today? What would she/he be like?

Sometimes it just hurts so much. :(

David Baxter PhD

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Yes. Exactly. And there will be days when everything seems fine and then out of the blue the grief hits you again, blind-siding you.

The difference is that after a while you can also find joy and beauty and meaning in life again. That won't spare you the grief when it hits you but it will remind you that there is another side to your life.


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One thing that I have noticed with you Janet is that you are aware when you are feeling ok and even great - you do notice the positive times you have. That is something important and positive to remember.

I know grief feels awful when we are in it - and noticing throughout the day when it has lifted even a bit is a great skill to have.

Hang in there

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