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i don't understand my own moods lately. sometimes i wake up and feel sad and tired and don't feel like doing anything. i know i'll spend the day feeling that way, and it takes effort to do anything. though if i force myself to do any type of activity i feel better, to the point that i might even forget how i woke up feeling. then other times i wake up and i have all these positive thoughts about what i'm gonna do... plans for the moment and for my future. my life may not have changed but still i feel positive and have the energy to work on what i've already planned for myself.
this is something new to me and i don't understand what's happening. any ideas?

Daniel E.
sometimes yes and sometimes not

Usually, I will have at least 2 days in the week where I get a lot done, and the other days I'm not as productive and will feel more lethargic. In a way, the "bad brain days" are like "opposite days" since we do try to remain as active as possible even though we don't feel like it.

(Stimulants like Provigil, when added to antidepressant therapy, can help depression-related fatigue if antidepressants alone are not enough.)

just mary

sometimes yes and sometimes not

Hi Hugsy,

How is it new for you? Are you used to feeling sad and tired every day and it's the positive ones that are "new" or are the sad and tired days "new"? If the positive ones are "new" that could be a good sign, that you're starting to feel better.

If the sad and tired days are new, maybe there's something going on that's causing you some stress and this is how you're mind and body are reacting. I'm not sure. Are their any unusually stressful events going on?

As for myself I'll go through days where I can barely do anything, I can get to work but that's about it. I'm going through it now, I feel low, sad, unmotivated, cynical, weird and creepy. I slept all afternoon yesterday, after a good eight hours sleep the night before. I feel weepy, like there's no point. But I have a feeling that in a week or so, things will start looking up. It's just getting through these days that are hard, very hard and I really don't want to go through them again. I don't know why I feel this way sometimes and that's one of the reasons I joined this forum, to look for some insight. But in case anyone's wondering, these "days" aren't "cyclical", I don't suddenly feel down every 28 days.

Take care. :)


sometimes yes and sometimes not

thanks for the link, Daniel. "enables you to adopt healthy lifestyle changes to help prevent depression from recurring" this is the one that keeps eluding me.

Mary, good questions you asked. i'm used to feeling positive. i have gone through a few major situations in the past 3-4 years that have changed my life, not in a very positive way. i'm trying to learn the lesson and keep going. sometimes it's hard. but taking it one step at a time. i get impatient though. i wish i could make things happen faster than they seem to want to lately. but well, that's life.

also, i have noticed that there is a pattern and i think it may be hormonal.


sometimes yes and sometimes not

I know what it's like to feel like a ping-pong ball. emotions shifting one way to the next in a totally opposite direction. That kind of feeling new to me as well so I doubt I'll be much help.

is there anything dramatic or stressful going on in your life at the moment?
have you tried talking to someone about this and possibly getting help for it?

anyway, I hope things improve for you soon!

~ Sylvia


sometimes yes and sometimes not

hi Sylvia,
good way to put ball... sorry you're feeling that way too. wish i could tell you something that would help. maybe if you asked yourself the same question you asked me, it would help you organize your thoughts and feelings. are there things going on that are affecting you?

yes, there are major changes going on in my life. mostly good ones at the moment, graduation from an art school, which i'm very happy about. along with that comes the uncertainty of where to go from here. i'm working in my field now, but it's not exactly where i want to be. it's ok, while i'm doing it i enjoy it, but i don't love it. this part of my life brings anxiety but also excitement. knowing that i'm not young anymore doesn't help.

work is good but there's a situation going on there that makes me uncomfortable. the only thing i would be able to do to make a change there is find another job. don't think i'm ready for that at the moment.

i have a feeling that i'm looking more at the scary things, and not enjoying my accomplishment. :-(

another is the loss of a relationship. it has been a year and a half and i still have trouble with it. we talk or email or see each other once in a while and when we do, i feel happy and wonder about us getting back together. but then the moment passes and poof, nothing. so i'm dealing with a feeling of rejection, sadness, left over anger about things that happened during our relationship, and feelings of love for him. then i feel bad because i should just let it go. but i'm having a hard time doing that. he's moved on. i wish i could. i have but not completely. so it still has the power to hurt. then i feel guilty because i'm in a relationship with someone else. and i have love for both. so i'm confused about what to do with that.

another is, after the breakup with my ex fiance, i came back to live with my parents. i gave up mostly everything to be with this man, then it didn't work. so i ended up with no home. i'm making a major career change, so i'm starting from scratch again. and i'm impatient.

i also think i'm going through middle age crisis or something.

um, sorry, i'm going on and on. think i had to get this out.

anyway, thanks for asking. i hope you feel better soon too.
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