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Hi, i am updating on my last issue on transference '' I don't know what is happening. but I attend a DBT class on Tuesday afternoon. and enjoy getting alot out of it. i would hate to quit. but my issue is for the last 3 weeks, i have heard my therapists' personal issues. I am diagonost with ''borderline''. she comes into class with something that is her problem. When-ever she brings something up. like she did tell me the passing of her mother. it really hurt me. it is like when she has a problem, i hurt with her. This could be part of loving her so much. but shouldn/t a therapist leave their own personal issues at home. instead of bringing them to work. I sat in class today, and she went on about something that was her problem and to me it should of not been brought up in class [there are 3 people in class as of now]. I am the client and need the help.I came home with anger, feeling like my love for her has turned into hate, I feel like I need to turn away and seek someone else. but i have mixed emotions, cause she really has been a good therapist. i did not come to my therapist to fall in love. it just happened without realizing. HELP''
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