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I have a son with BDD and he was going to university although he felt safer going to night classes, that soon also ended. Due to that, his psychiatrist gave him 2 months of meds and gave him a few names to help him find someone permanently. He had to call THREE times to get these names even though he was promised them. Anyone that has experience with BDD KNOWS how hard this is. Due to not going to school any longer, they are not allowed to service him and hey he was only going to be able to see them 20 times so why didn't they refer him from the start when they realized this was a longterm issue? He asked about CBT and they said you will have to wait till you have someone permanently. He feels he was just dumped which is leading to some perception issues about himself. I felt this was handled poorly though his psychiatrist said you can call me if you need to. He (my son) won't call though. He no longer trusts that he would be there for him and understandably.

Good news is he spent a day trying to get up the nerve to call the 6 names that he was given after his three calls to tehe secretary. One said no room and they don't really deal with BDD and he got one other person who has yet to have a conversation with him and doesn't know what he is going in for but kudos to her for leaving a message and realizing he needed to see someone. They played telephone tag.

As a parent, I am upset but so is he. Anyone who has had experience knows that getting help for BDD is a major milestone. To be sent away without transition with only meds in hand flabbergasted me and no I won't use the name here as bashing is not my intention but rather posting to lend some enlightenment with someone else that may be faced with this situation. You can't take someone like this, put meds in their hand without a proper transition to someone else.

He went from having many good days to back to sleeping all day and staying up by himself all night. He feels the meds are no longer working. Reality they are working to some degree but not like when he started. He will go to this appointment as he says he has to stop this pain and suicide would hurt us too much so the only alternative is help. It pains me to think about it.

Who are the doctors in Toronto that have experience in BDD? Why can't you find this information? Where is the support groups for parents battling this disease?

Please help.

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
Peggy Richter, MD University of Toronto
416-535-8501, x4689

Richard Swinson, MD McMaster University
905-522-1155 ext.3498

Canadian Mental Health Association
8 King Street East, Suite 810 Toronto ON M5C 1B5
(416) 484-7750

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Associates of Toronto
100 Adelaide Street West, Suite 805
Toronto, Ontario M5H 1S3
(416) 363 4228
Email: Eilenna Denisoff
Email: Peter Farvolden

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
If those contacts are not able to see your son, have him ask them for additional resources in the Toronto area. If all else fails, contact me via Private Message or email for the name of a private therapist in Toronto.
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