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i'm like all over the place on this forum..i feel too crazy...bad word..but whatever.

i'm trying to get back on track with my eating.

i am not having thoughts to lose weight, but the same anxiety i had before i went inpatient, is kind of back.

i also cannot go back inpatient, since that was a once in a lifetime chance kind of thing.

i was LUCKY to have had that chance.

and so it cannot happen..i cannot slip backwards.

it will kill me..

i'm getting into a once a week support's the only eating disorder support in my city.

i'm so so scared of getting sick again..

when i was really sick and having physical symptoms, the hospital didn't find things wrong.

i was so mentally and physically unstable, and they basically said they couldn't help me.

i can't get there again...

so..i don't know what to do..

try to take it one day at a time...remind myself i'm still okay enough..i can stop this..

i just am trying to really believe it...

can't slip...i'm too young...

i think anxiety has something to do with the eating disorder..and stress..well, yeah, they are all linked...
are you seeing any kind of professional to help you deal with your anxiety and your eating disorder?


i see a psychiatrist for meds and i guess...therapy..and for the eating disorder, i'm starting the once a week support group..and for the anxiety, i just take meds and deal with it.

i'm not sure if a psychologist would be a better idea for dealing with the anxiety and eating issues..or what.

i know psychiatrists deal with the mental stuff..mine is doing some kind of mirroring with me..i'm not quite sure what it's called.

if i talk about something, she'll say it back to me how she interprets it, which is normally accurate...and in doing that, it's supposed to i think...make things make more sense to me..

the eating disorder is the tricky thing though, because there is no proper help in my city or the province for that matter.


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I think that just going through that program and then going to the support group is a great step. :D You are working so hard Iam and as I had a reminder from my own therapist yesterday, this takes time. So stay gentle with yourself because you really are doing great. :hug::hug:


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