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Maybe you all can give me some thoughts as to what the heck I am dealing with.. Anxiety, stress, panic, something else?

Last night I went to bed around 11:15pm, then at 12:30am, I woke with a start, jumped out of bed, threw the lights on, and sat on my couch, catching my breath, heart racing, and shaking. It took me about 5 minutes to calm myself and go to bed again.
I hate when that happens because it freaks me out! Does that happen to anyone else?
Today I feel like I had too much coffee, when in fact, I had none. I drink decaf besides, but I feel like I had an overdose of regular coffee.

What can I do about this? Any ideas? Help! :hissyfit:
I get similar its like a panic attack in your sleep which you come out as you say with a start, , and then its really happening, it takes me a while to calm down and its really scary in the middle of the night, i understand how you feel about being freaked out. I would be careful with decaf products as they still have caffeine in them, not all of it has been removed, try drinking herbal teas instead,, redbush is good (sometimes called rooibos) and a drink like barley cup which is a bit like coffee/ or theres a danelion coffee too.


I have had experiences like that as well,with me though the panic attack starts by over swallowing,to the point where I wake up and cant seem to calm enough to stop swallowing over and over..


Thank you for your replies, and Dr B, for that article. At least I know it happens to others and I am not alone, and that there is a name for it!
I will be takingcare of this and see a Dr about it soon. I cant deal with this, and if I can do something to help not get them, I will.
Thanks again!
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