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Several months back I caught the neighbor kid who lives at the back of my property pointing a gun at my dog. When I walked out into my yard, he spotted me and raised the gun and aimed it at me. He started firing it, but being familiar with firearms, I could tell from the noise that it was not a real gun. I was trying to determine if the gun was a BB, pellet or cap gun while he angrily aimed the gun and continued to fire. Finally I determined it must be a cap gun, as I was not being hit with anything.
The angry expression on his face and his DELIBERATELY aiming the gun at me stunned me, keep in mind this kid is about 5th or 6th grade. I stared at him a while and he just kept firing his cap gun directly at me.
I turned around to go inside my house and I could still hear the pop, pop, pop of the cap gun. I knew he was "shooting me in the back". I turned around and sure enough his aim was still on me. I turned away from him again and still the shooting went on. I turned around again. At this point a tree had partially obstructed his view, and he had to move around it to get a better shot at me. I could not believe what I considered deviant behavior, as I had cap guns as a kid as did other kids in our neighborhood,
but none of us acted like this kid, shooting an adult and the ANGER on his face. I went inside my house somewhat rattled by this aggression. I thought about going over to talk to the parents, but I figured they'd think I was some kind of a nut....upset with their kid over a cap gun. The next day I talked to a few people about my experience and they were appalled and said I should call the police or DFS or the hotline to prevent school violence. So I called our sheriff's department and they basically told me that since the kid did not use a gun with a projectile, there was nothing they could do. The officer did make the comment that the kid seems to "have some issues". I had hoped the cops would go over and talk to the parents about their kid's aggression towards an adult, but they didn't seem to want to be bothered, so I am have to laugh when they preach about reporting kids who might be at risk for school violence. To my way of thinking an aggressive kid like this looks like such a risk. I can only hope the parents don't have a real gun. My neighbor said that if he had done such a thing as a kid, he would have been taken out to the wood shed and made to apologize. I guess those days are long gone. So, what do you think is the deal with this kid? Or am I making too much out of a mole hill. I forgot to mention, that I have caught this kid throwing rocks at my dogs in the past, so I keep a look out for him when I hear my dogs barking.

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One thing you can do is to file a complaint the next time you catch him throwing rocks at your dog - a rock is, I assume, a projectile.

If it weren't for the rock throwing, I might have suggested that this was just a boy playing cowboys or something, especially since one assumes he was aware it was a cap gun and not a real one. Even at that, when my children were younger, I always made a point of stressing that, toy or not, one never pointed a weapon at another person or animal.

I don't think you're overreacting.


I don't think you're overreacting, either; especially, as you describe the anger on the child's face as he was pretending to shoot you. I'd agree he certainly does have "issues".

If he terrorizes your dog again, report him as Dr. Baxter has suggested. If you know his parents, at all, it might be good to discuss the issue with them. They may be completely unaware of the problem.
I just found out from my neighbor that he has seen the father of this kid hit the younger sister so hard that she was slapped to the ground. So that pretty much seals it for me why the boy acts the way he does. He is venting his anger and unfortunately my dogs and property are a convenient target. I did mail an anonymous letter to the parents detailing their son's inappropriate behaviour (these people seemed a bit on the rough side, or as the saying goes, white trash) and since the cops did nothing about it, I sure wasn't going to go over there and talk to them in person. I had hoped for an apology, since if they were decent people, they could have easily gotten the information from their son who he didn't happen. In fact their friend went around the neighborhood telling who ever would listen what a crack pot I was for calling the police. In the mean time, we had a 6 foot wooden privacy fence installed. It won't be much fun throwing rocks at our dogs now.
The kid can chuck rocks over the fence, but he can't see his target.
So I foresee trouble with this kid in the future, if not for us, someone else in the neighborhood. I have kept a log of these goings on in case this excalates. As I have seen elsewhere in your writings, a lot of the time the parents are just as screwed up as the kids, so you can't count on the parents to appropriately discipline the kid. In the end the justice system does.
Ha ha! Yep the immature side of me wants to do just that.
But since I am an adult I have to act like one, especially when it comes
to unlawful behavior. Apparently juveniles can get away with a LOT in the USA before law enforcement does something. Law enforcement likes to call them "juvies". By the way, the cops did tell me that a paint ball gun
is a projectile, so it is unlawful to shoot them at dogs if the kid chose to do so. Keep up the good work. Luv your web site.

David Baxter PhD

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Thanks, beaglecrazy -- and of course I was joking about shooting back. Although... what about a Super Soaker water cannon? ;o)

No no... that's a joke too... ;o)

Did anyone see that episode of the Osbournes where Ozzie got so angry with his neighbors playing easy listening music late at night that he started throwing stuff like hams and other food products over the fence at them?
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