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hi everybody,
i'm currently following a CBT and would like to have your opinions, your story about it.
how did you succeed? how do you feel now/sometimes?
i filled in some questionaires about snaps, vicious circles, dilemmas and i was hard to do.
actually i thought i knew myself but sometimes i couldn't answer the questions. too hard to do!
were you able to find some ways/solutions to your dilemmas, and other nice issues?

tx for your answers
i realize now that people's opinions do change my life simply becausde it gives me advice to move on. before my therapy i was anti-people!!! weird how we can change!


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Re: who's having a CBT?

Therapy will have that affect on us. :D

CBT has helped me quite a bit. I know that I have the choice to follow my thoughts down certain paths or not. Most of the time I can stop negative thought cycles that in the past have led to some negative consequences.

The most positive thing is that I no longer call myself down - as I am not a loser or anything of that sort. I also no longer call anyone else down, which shows more compassion for myself and others.

Thanks for the question; I am interested with what others have to say. :)
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