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Your Relationship is Healthy . . . If
from the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance website

You trust your partner.

Your partner likes your friends and encourages you to spend time with them and wants to include them in his/her life as well as yours.

You make important decisions together.

Your partner understands when you spend time away from him or her.

You don?t have to like to protect your partner?s reputation to cover for his/her mistakes.

Your partner encourages you to enjoy different activities (like joining the volleyball team or football team, running for student government, or being in a play) and helps you reach your goals.

Your partner likes you for who you are ? not just for what you look like.

You are not afraid to say what you think and why you think that way. You like to hear how your partner thinks, and don?t always have to agree.

You have both a friendship and a physical attraction.

You don?t have to be with your partner 24/7
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