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I have heard that therapists don't judge you is that true? In theory could I tell one pretty much anything without them seeing me as a bad person?

David Baxter PhD

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Yes. That is true. Or it certainly should be.

If you feel judged by your therapist, you should raise that issue with the therapist and/or find another therapist. Being judgemental is not the point of therapy.


I think most of us here are non-judgemental, hon. Since psychologists and psychiatrists are trained to help people deal with difficult problems, I'd think they've probably heard quite a bit more than the average person. Since most of us here aren't professionals in this field, and we aren't judgemental, I'd think the professionals wouldn't be, either. :)


I think worrying that someone will judge us, even a therapist, comes more from our own experiences w/ being judged or past relationships or insecurities within ourselves. And it's scarry, I mean you're opening up your life to this person, maybe even about things no one else knows about. But as everyone has said, therapists are trained to be non-judgmental... one thing I can say is that as much as I have always thought that people judge you, including those in the mental health profession, most don't- they've heard, seen, experienced more than you can think of, so as much as "this" may seem to make us look "bad", it's no news for them... part of being a therapist is to display empathy, warmth, and genuiness- not to be the person w/ "all the answers", hence judging the client.
I have always thought one of the important aspects of therapy was to provide an environment that you are comfortable exploring issues that are important to you. Therapists attempt to provide this for their clients. That includes not judging clients and accepting them as they are. If I questioned if my therapist was judging me I would confront them with my concerns and if I did not recieve acceptable responses then I would consider finding another. I hope you find one that you feel comfortable with.
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