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Dealing With Inappropriate Urination​

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Feb 15,2022

Now there's a headline you don't see very often: "Hey Mindy! Are you urinating inappropriately?"

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Daniel E.

Number of litter boxes: The magic number is N+1. There should be one more litter box than the total number of cats in the household. These boxes should be placed in multiple, easily accessible locations, including those locations that have been previously soiled...

All forms of environmental enrichment should be encouraged and recommended. This is good for any cat and might help to alleviate any anxiety or social tension that may be contributing to these problems. Some ways to do this are by providing more resting and hiding places, multiple feeding locations, and interactive toys. Meal times can be made more interesting by hiding small quantities of food around the house (on shelves, in bedding, in boxes, etc.) and in toys (with holes for food to fall out from). Toys can be made more challenging by hanging the containers just above the cat's head height. There are many commercially available interactive toys for cats. For older cats it can be helpful to place a litter box close to their favorite resting spot.
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