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You will not believe this, but when I got home friday night I had a voice message from the lawyer who never called me back for the job. He said he was going to call me, but lost my number! My T gave him my number and he told me to call him again.. I tried during break but got his voicemail...:

I will try him again during lunch, and if I dont get him then, I will leave a message and try again tonight.
Not only that, but I saw a friend of mine and said his place was now hiring and asked me for my resume, which I gave him. He gave it to his boss this morning, so I may have more than one job going for me.
My question is, I need to know pretty quick about salaray and benefits. How can I ask about this when you are not supposed too? :confused:
I want to make the right decision and salary and benefits will play a huge roll in what job I take.

Any suggestions?


Sunset, that is awesome news :yahoo: See, didn't I tell you not to give up on the lawyer yet :D Typical of a lawyer to lose a number though....his assistant probably wasn't around to write it down for him :lol:

How can I ask about this when you are not supposed too?

What do you mean that you are not suppose to? You don't need to make any decisions that quickly. You can arrange an interview with both places (if they indeed both call) and then during the interview find out the salary, benefits, type of work, hours of work, whom you report to etc. and then if offered the position at both you can consider both by making a pros and cons chart for each. I don't think that anyone expects you to make a decision on the spot and especially over the phone.

Take your time and if they really want to hire you they will wait for you to make your decision.

Keep us updated Sunset, I just went through the same thing recently and I know the stress it can cause so if you need me, just hollar.

Take care


You sure called it Nancy. :D

"They" always say to talk about the job, and your skills, and to not bring up pay at that point. If you are offered the position, then you talk about money, but I may not have the luxury of waiting till all the cards are on the table. I would still have to give notice, and the training starts on April 30th for this one place.
I didnt even get my resume out to the police station job, and that one has good possibilities. I dont want to say yes to the one job, and a better offer comes along a few days later. :eek:

I guess I just have to take it as it comes and it will pan out. Tell you one thing though, I am NOT getting myself into a panic state over this. I am doing the interviewing this time and will pick what I think is best suited for me. If I am offered more than one job, I will take the better offer.
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