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I'm 35, female, and live in London, UK.

I am in 3x a week relationally based psychotherapy, and am looking for a safe place to come to when I need support in between sessions.

I suffer from Depression and Anxiety, Borderline based with possible PTSD.
Also I border on anorexic thinking/behaviour, and get bad PMS.

Sometimes I behave and write much younger than I am, and I hope that will be accepted and heard and validated and given firm clear boundaries.

My bakground is of being born at 30 weeks gestation via forceps, and separated from my mother with no contact with her at all for the first 3 weeks of my life.
Because of my physical and emotional vulenerability I was bullied every day at school for 10 years. My home environment was also dysfunctional, my father being paranoid/Borderline (untreated).

At the moment my life feels precarious.....holding onto what I have...I have a 30 hour a week job, and am sharing a flat.
I'm trying to hold it altogether and keep enough contact with what I have of an adult self.
I'm trying to build up some self worth, and facing the weeds and demon-echoes inside my head.

Medication? I've been seeing my GP regularly for the Depression since the end of last November, am on Efexor, and Zopiclone for sleep when I need it.

I look forward to finding more out about here.

best wishes to all,


David Baxter PhD

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hoping to find a safe place here

braveheart said:
looking for a safe place to come to when I need support in between sessions
We do our best to keep the forum that way, braveheart.

Welcome to our online community.
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