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hi i suffer with alot of things im stuck in my house 24/7 in my bedroom i never go out at all i dont know why i cant just be normal.well im 21 ive been in children homes since i was 10 until i was 17 then moved home with my mom again things were going well from 17 til i was about 3 months away from my 20th birthday i just started staying in the house more often only going out on weekends for a drink with a few friends not to pubs but like a house ive lost all my friends only friend i have is my girlfriend whih we just found out shes pregnant! i really need to get my life sorted out i also shave my eyebrows in the middle this is a big thing that stops me going out b/c i look really weird and feel ugly i cant even look my family members in the eyes and im pushing them away from me more and more each day my doc says im suffering from socail anxity and panic attacks but im not good in any way it really hurts inside i just want to be normal and have a life with my new child on the way i will need to be able to go out but i can never see it happening i dont really know what else to say but any feedback or advice out there plz plz help before i lose everything:mad:

Daniel E.
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Well, at the risk of repeating myself, I think you really need to go into therapy. Now that you are going to be a father soon, I can't imagine a better time to go into therapy and also take meds if need be. (If you don't want to go into therapy now, why not? If the reason is because of a lack of medical insurance, there are low cost university clinics and other low cost or sliding scale providers.)


i just want to be normal and have a life with my new child on the way

It sounds like you have the best reason in the world to reach out for help. You and your girlfriend now have the responsibility of a new life to feed and nurture. In order to do that you need to plan to get a job, so to fulfill those responsibilities the next step is to arrange for therapy.

i will need to be able to go out but i can never see it happening

Can your girlfriend accompany you to your local mental health facility?

Is your girlfriend committed to building a responsible family life ?
dnb, you have posted several times about your eyebrows, and suggestions have been given to deal with that. have you given these suggestions any consideration?


yes lady but im growing them now it still wont take away the grayish patch between them and thats the reason i shaved them in the 1st place because i hated them meeting in the middle i let them grow bak a little and it looks weird as well.
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