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Hello all, I have posted here before, but I decided to post in here because I have not posted in a long time. I am in need of some advice before I act. FYI, I have been struggling in college for the past few years. This semester will be my worst. I am/will fail all of my classes. The one thing that has changed is that I dont care as much anymore. The stress created by failure now is much less than it was a year ago and I am wondering why. In general, I cant say much else about myself because I am incredibly unsure about my feelings. At times I feel very depressed, and at other times I feel hopeful, enjoy the weather, enjoy people, and look forward to the future. At times I actually do homework, and at other times I do nothing and dont go to class at all. At times I have a job and do not mind it, and at other times I have a very hard time dealing with work. On some days I get everything done (I wake up early, go to classes, go to work, study, eat well) and then the next day I willl sleep until the afternoon, eat poorly, play video games/poker all night. Sometimes I can go to a party and sweep the best looking girl off her feet, and other times I have no confidence at all, and dont get past 5 minutes of conversation. Overall, I am utterly confused about my mental state. I believe my condition is a mix of Depression/Sleep disorder/Anxiety/ADD. All of which intensify eachother and feed off of eachother. I have not been diagnosed with any of this, but I have had 3-4 trips to a psychologist/psychiatrist and have expressed these issues but never followed through on medication/further treatment. I would like to do it this time, but I am wondering now if I even need to go to one because I believe all of my issues are solvable internally. I believe they are solvable because I believe I have a massive grip on all of my problems AND solutions, I just never really follow through. Again, I believe I have an excellent degree of understanding of my problems, I just never really am able to get things done on a consistent basis. Should I go ahead and get treatment?
Yes, because even though you feel that you understand your symptoms, and know what is making you have these conflicting periods, it seems like what you need is some symetry/stability of mood and a therapist will be able to guide you through that.


Yup. I agree with Phoenix. While you may have an intellectual understanding of your "problems", it appears you don't have the ability to put that understanding to work to solve the problems. That's where a therapist can help you.
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