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Just wondering. I have to go to the dentist on Thursday and get a crown put on and I was woundering will they let me take a lorazpam before they get started. I get so panicky and anxiety. I hate going to the dentist , I fear them. I really never had a good experience.

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That shouldn't be a problem, LostChild. Just let them know you've taken one - if you're worried, phone the office ahead of time and double check.


I'm sure that they would. A lot of times dentists can and do prescribe medications such as Valium for nervous patients to help them relax. If you are more relaxed it is easier for them too! I think the key is to just let them know about it.
Well I didn't have to take my lorazapam. i woke up that Thursday morning sicker then a dog. I was throwing up like crazy. awfull. I had some extra phenagrine so I took that and sleep all the way to the city. And i was relaxed just taking the penagrine, note I live up in a very rizy community and theres not alot here just bars and restraunts and sking. anyway. I had my bottom tooth drilled out it was very close to the root. And other then that It went very well. they mad sure they gave me plenty of numbing stuff.


You may be interested in knowing the manufacturer of lorazepam (Ativan) produces a sublingual delivery tablet for situations like pre dental anxiety.

The onset of action is slightly advanced, but the real advantage is the compound gets into the bloodstream more quickly.

If Ativan sublingual is used for pre dental anxiety, calculate the timing so that the procedure takes place between the second and third hour following administration...the time of the peak effect of the medication.

BTW ordinary oral tablets of Ativan can be taken under the tongue just as successfully. The only difference between the actual sublingual tablet is the oral table will leave a small residue of powder under the tongue, from the binders used in forming the tablet.

When Ativan is taken sublingually, it should be held under the tongue for two minutes, and you should refrain from swallowing during that time to ensure the compound is thoroughly absorbed under the tongue.

As has been mentioned, tell the dentist what you have taken...including the actual dosage you took.
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