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I've had two therapists in my lifetime. My current therapist and a therapist I had about 20 years ago. The therapist I had 20 years ago made a comment about me that has stayed with me all these years. He said, "You give your power away." I don't fret over it but am curious sometimes as to what he was implying. At the time I just accepted the comment without question thinking I understood. My current therapist seems puzzled by the statement. I believe it was something we were supposed to work on and remedy but I don't recall. He took a position in another city which ceased our sessions.


Unfortunately I think the comment is too vague without knowing more of the context and circumstances in which it was said. It could mean so many different things.
Interesting " YOU Give your power away" to me that is saying you do not make decisions for yourself you let others do that. Too bad you cannot contact old therapist and ask him what was he trying to say to you in this statement.

Daniel E.
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