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i've been wondering alot about whether or not the menopause is here!! aagh.. given my age and some symptoms... does anyone know if the is a blood test that will answer that question for me..




Re: maybe menopause?

To my knowledge, there's no blood test that will tell you if you're undergoing menopause, nsa. Generally, age and symptoms are used to make the call on that one. If you're in the right age group, and having symptoms that can be attributed to menopause, chances are that's what's going on. It's something you can discuss with your doctor. There are things to help you get through it without too much discomfort.


Re: maybe menopause?

Thanks TL... bummer tho... ah well i just thought there was an easy way to determine it.

thanks again.


I've been reading a fair bit of info on this and it looks like that I have indeed started to go thru this.... just what i needed... :)

anyway.. who named it the men o pause .... had to be a man..??


Maybbe "womanpause" would be a better label :D

I've heard it referred to as "mental-pause" (yep, there's "men" in that one too :D )

Okay okay ... I know many good men who relate to people as people no matter what gender they are ;)

Regards menopause though ... I started early and the build up to "menopause" is officially "peri-menopause" these days, when all the symptoms happen (if they're going to happen). Official menopause has not been reached until one year after the last menstrual cycle. I don't know if menopausal symptoms still happen after menopause has officially been reached. I don't think i've had any, but could be wrong ;)

My Mom started early too, about 35 or so. I started a bit later than that, but now at 52 its been a few years since my last "cycle". I went through hotflashes and such for a long time but don't have symptoms anymore that I;'m aware of as related to menopause. I chalk everything up to medications sideeffects these days ;)



Wow Kanadiana I didn't realize that it could happen so early. 35 is really young isn't it and you said that you started a bit earlier than that? Does it normally go based on the history in the family, mother, grandmother etc. of when you start. Hearing 35 kind of freaked me out. I didn't think that I had to worry for like another 15 years of so....:eek:mg: :shocked:


I think i'll stick with change of life.. i mean something has to change right..:)

i hate these flashes or flushes... and i thought it was the meds.. just shows what i know eh?

nancy.. i think kanadiana said she started later than 35... and i'm certainly well over that.. I think u have no need to panic just yet.. :)

the changing nsa... lol


Thanks NSA I read Kanadiana's post wrong and I thought she said earlier and I was what the heck...that can't happen.....can it?

Are you sure that it is not the meds? If it were me I would be thinking along those lines first....just in case it isn't "the change"...unless you want to change because as they say change is

Okay so your name is going to have to change then from NSA to CNSA :lol:

Can you believe how many times in this post I have used the word change. I think we may have to ban that word like we did with Spam :D

Take care and stay cool 8)


Check with your pharmacy for an over the counter FDA approved FSH {follicle stimulating hormone} test which is said to give an indication if a woman's body has entered menopause.

Here's an online resourse describing menopause ans one type of FSH testing Women to Women

I neither recommend nor endorse the products illustrated, merely point them out for your information.

Your best resource is to be seen by a gynecologist who can do a quick workup combined with a thorough examination and brief history can advise you .
Hi Nsa,

Ive been going through symptoms too now for a while,its the hot sweats i cannot stand, and waking up in the night soaked, if you wants a chat pm me,,

best wishes From one changling to another:)


Hi nsa,
I think if you get your blood check for a certain time frame the doctors can tell if you could be menopausal. The blood work checks out hormones levels for six months if I remember correctly. You may want to ask your family doctor about it. Good Luck, :)


I have apt tomorow with the script docs.. (psychs) and i'm wondering do i need to tell them about this "perimenopause", like do they actually need to know this info.
and i'm debating whether or not to say i'm almost off all meds..
i think i'm feeling cowardly now.. don't want to go at all.. maybe i won't!



I know that you really didn't ask for my opinion but I am going to give it you anyway and it is your choice whether to take it or leave it. I think that you should definitely tell them about coming off all the meds because that way they can understand you and help with maybe decreasing the dosages (if that is what they/you feel is necessary) and they may be able to shed some light as to whether the "perimenopause" that you are experiencing "could" be part of the decreasing medication.

I know that it is hard to tell a doctor that you have not followed their recommendation for medication (I use to be in that position tooo many times to count) but it really is to your benefit. Therefore after saying all that I think that you should be as honest as you can and the reasons behind your cutting back on the meds. Nothing to be ashamed of just a decision that you made with respect to your life.......your life being the key words there. :)

Take care and let us know how it turns out ;)

David Baxter PhD

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I might add that the hormonal changes that accompany menopause may also contribute to mood changes, depression, anxiety, etc., so you should let your doctors know about this.
Hi guys

the early part of this conversation had me in giggles. 'menopause' 'womenopause' (My dad keeps saying he's going through womenopause and has been saying that since as long as I can remember!:p)

This may have been covered already (I scanned some more recent posts) but 'menopause' stems from the latin (I think) mensus. We begin mensus (i don't even know if that is spelt right - doh) with our first menstration and it ends with our menopause (pause meaning end)

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