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I need some advice from everybody. I'm feeling like I need to go back on medication for depression. In the past, I've gotten prescriptions from psychiatrists who worked with my therapist at that time. But now that I'm not in therapy and I just can't afford the $100+ that a psychiatrist would cost, I'm thinking about going to my GP. I see my GP rarely because my physical health is good. Last time I saw him was over 2 years ago.

Anyway, my question is, what do I say? I'm afraid he'll say No. I want to try a different medication from the ones I've used in the past that weren't that helpful (Prozac, Zoloft). What do I tell the receptionist when I'm asked what the appointment is for?

I go to an endocrinologist regularly for a thyroid condition and she refused to prescribe antidepressants for me. So maybe you can see why I'm a little scared about asking a GP who I rarely see.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


It is not surprising that an endocrinologist would not prescribe an anti depressant, because anti depressants are not within their area of expertise.

However general practitioners or family physicians routinely treats anxiety and depression, for which they receive some training and are usually in consultation with a specialist (psychiatrist) in their community for their own continuing medical education.

Your decision to see your GP is a wise one, and when calling for an appointment, if it is absolutely necessary to give a reason for your visit, you can say you have been feeling depressed and would like to see your doctor.

Treatment of anxiety and depression does not necessarily require the expertise of a psychiatrist, except in severe or complicated cases, where the GP may feel the patient would benefit from a specialist.

In fact many GP's today have a special clinical interest in treating anxiety and depression and take special courses to augment their training in the field of mental illness.

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I agree with Steve and Ladybug. Make sure to tell your GP that you have a history of major depression which has been treated with antidepresssants.

When I ended my relationship with my shrink last fall, I prepared a letter stating what I was doing. Copies went to my shrink, GP, and therapist. Because I was on maintenance doses for depression, and because both the GP and therapist worked within the same HMO, the GP had access to my records and I gave him permission to consult with the shrink. And everyone's response is right. You don't have to state the reason to see your doctor. You can simply say that you have some issues that you want to discuss with your doctor period. Receptionists/nurses don't always like this, but that's too bad. You have a right to your privacy. Take care.
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