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:cat: I? am being admitted on Monday to the hospital. My weight has gotten to far that I can barely take care of myself. Im scared as heck I tell you that much. I have to leave so many things behind and I don?t know how long I will be gone for. I told my mom what was going on and she was very supportive about the whole thing. Can some one give some advice on what to bring with me. What and what I should not bring with me I should say. Thanks a bunch
No, I haven't called them. I'm a little scared at the whole situation (I'm giving my self an anxiety attack)just thinking about it. I just thought that maybe someone whos had these kinds of experienceses could give me some detailed information. Like what im going to be going through? I'm sared that some other person with some kind of mentall illness might do something to me in the night.
well I called the hospital, but I had to give them a whole bunch of information. Anyway the lady said what you could bring and what you can't bring. For god sakes I can't even bring sweats that have tie on then or a sweater with string with a hoody, and shoes with strings. She also said that they do bed checks every fifteen minutes. No razors eletric shaving razors thats it. those things don't even work worth a dang!


Well TLC at least now you know what you can and can't bring and that they do bed checks quite frequently so you don't have to worry.
I confronted my mom with my anorexia and it went very well. I thought she would have come unglued, but she didn't it was almost as if she new all along and had all the right words. Well I just thought I would add that. I thought that it was pretty cool of my mom.
Yeah, I'm dealing with my schooling I don't know what to do. All I really have to do to finish up with this semester. In communication I have to take a quiz, do a persuasive speech, and take the finall. Wounder if I could get that all in before I have to go? Plus I have my Englsish which I have essay four to finish revise all essays turn them in to see whether or not I pass the class. Maybe I will just bag that class and take it over when the time is right. And finish this communication class up.

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There may be another option. Talk to your teachers/professors and let them know that you are dealing with health issues. If necessary, get a note from your doctor or therapist. You don't need details of the health issues - just documentation that one exists and that it is likely to have an impact on academic performance.

Most colleges and universities (at least in Canada) will accomodate such special circumstances, providing you let them know about it in advance.
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