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Hi all,

I'm 23 and living in Pensacola FL. Right now I'm living with friends who are generous enough to let me stay rent free until I can find some sort of job to pay for my own portion of bills.


I've been having difficulties in not only finding a job, but keeping it. When I was in high school I was loosely diagnosed with PDD-NOS. The counselor said she would need to set me up with a proper diagnosis to tell me for sure which type it might be.

Unfortunately we moved not long after this, and I haven't had the money at all to be able to start seeing another counselor for this. Was there anyone on here that might be able to point me in the direction of someone in Pensacola that can do a diagnosis for me? Preferably somewhere I can set up a payment plan, or does their charges on a sliding scale if at all possible.

I think it would really help in getting me the help I needed to set up a life for myself.

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