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Im on a whole bunch of meds :shocked:


David Baxter PhD

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You may be able to reduce that list when things stabilize a bit, LostChild.

FYI, this is what they are for:

Effexor and Wellbutrin - to help with depression and anxiety
Lamictal (lamotrigine) - a mood stabilizer
Seroquel - probably to help with sleep although it will also help to control depression, anxiety, and mood swings
Lorazapam - for anxiety and will help with sleep
With all this med chaging at once It sure does make you feel sick allthe time. Should I call my Pdoc?
Well im feeling much better then usuall and I don't feel sick. My pdoc upped my dose on the lamactil to 100mg after a week of 25mg. I don't know maybe im just having a realy good week..

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
Or maybe the new medications are starting to kick in... This is good news, LostChild. :)
Ok so today I decreased my Effexor to 75mg. So far it hasn't mad me sick or anything. ops i just jinks my self
Well since I can't make a new post at the moment Ill just add it to this one. I was reading about seroquel and it said that it will make you gain weight, eek. But I sure enjoy sleeping at night. Just thought I would share that with ya all.
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