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i am new here & have a question..

nightmares are plaguing me again and wondering what i can do to deal with them.
rarely have i ever been able to change the situations in my dreams as to wake up feeling empowered..apparently i talk a lot in my sleep and sometimes scream.i get to a place where i hear my own chatter and eventually wake up..but for a bit i seem to be trapped between the dream and not easy on the one im with and i resent the fact that this is such a problem..which inveitably leads to guilt..and im supposing more nightmares...
find it hard to meditate before bed and something halts any positive talk which might help fend off the dreams.
i have a wonderful therapist of four years and have had one emdr session which seems to have helped.
guess im frustrated that ive been working on the whys of ptsd so long and am still dealing with this..& that it is affecting a relationship which means a great deal to me..

anyway..forgive my rambling on.
any suggestions would be muchly appreciated.

Nightmares are hard. I'm sorry you're having this problem.

Maybe you could continue with the EMDR? If that seems to help then it seems like keeping on with it would probably be a good idea.

I really hope you can get some relief from this. Maybe it just will take some more time with the therapy.


What does your therapist say about the nightmares, hon? If the EMDR helped, perhaps you could continue along that course.

There's an old wive's tale that claims a glass of warm milk, before going to bed, will help some people sleep more easily and more soundly. It actually works. You might try that, as well.
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