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I have been off accutane for 3 months now, it really shouldnt be affecting my mood, correct? Also, I get called weird a lot, but I dont even know what weird is anymore, what is weird and how do I know if I am weird?

Daniel E.
it really shouldnt be affecting my mood, correct?

Yeah, I would find it difficult to imagine that Accutane or Accutane withdrawal could be affecting your mood three months after taking it. Personally, Accutane did not seem to affect my mood at all.

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
There is a possible association between accutane and depression in some people but as Daniel says it's hard to imagine it affecring your mood that long after discontinuation.


If you've been off the medication for three months, it's out of your system, hon, and having no effect on your moods. Now, who calls you weird and under what circumstances do they call you weird? People call me weird, too, but...well, compared to them I AM weird and that's okay with me! ;)
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