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I have read and heard much about the physical symptoms of depression and wonder if these are what I may have been experiencing for a long time.? You see, I am always tired and not just tired per say but, I feel constantly fogged and groggy, my eyes are droopy, glazed and especially in bright light, I have this constant feeling as If I had just woken up. I am always achy.? Often times when I stand after sitting for maybe 20 minutes or longer and stretch I almost pass out briefly from dizziness (a few times I did).? I am yawning and stretching all the time, never have much energy, not even the normal amount that I should have.? My stamina is extremely low and I always feel like there is a weight of bricks on me whenever I perform the slightest task.? I am only in my 30's, I don't have a weight problem and my health has been? checked out and I am fine.? What else could it possibly be?? Could these be the physical aspects of depression which I have been diagnosed with? I wouldn't exactly say they're psycho sommatic since they are real and have been a problem for quite some time. Maybe I just need to be more active in everyday life since I have been pretty inactive? I'm stationary more than I am anything else. I'm just not sure.

I have taken SSRI's for depression and their side effects are always just as bad if not worse than the reasons why I started them.? There is akathisia, extreme anxiety and restlessness which is bad because I already have nervous and anxiety issues.? I feel at a dead end here.


HI Silhouette;
I'm not a doctor so won't try to diagnose you. However, it seems to me that your condition may be related to circulation (blood pressure, dizziness, etc) I think the best course of action here is to see your doctor and tell him or her what you're telling us here. They know your history better and would be able to treat you. If you're taking any medication, that also could attribute to your condition. Please see your doctor as soon as possible. Let us know how you're doing.

David Baxter PhD

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I agree with Lana. It could be depression or anxiety/stress but it could also be something physical.

You say "my health has been? checked out and I am fine" but did that include checks for thyroid function, iron and B12 levels, glucose uptake? Have you had your vision checked recently? What about a chronic low-level infection of inflammation? What is your sleep pattern like? (I'm wondering about a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, resteless leg syndrome, etc.)

Also have a look at nutrition: Try to minimize caffeine intake (and remember it's present in tea, green tea, chocolate, and many soft drinks, not just coffee and cola). Try to increase your intake of foods containing omega-3 essential fatty acids. Remember that even small amounts of alcohol are enough to disrupt normal sleep patterns for many people.
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