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This is awfull...

I was diagnosed a few months ago for Tourettes and today I've read about leaky breaks.

I can remember over the years putting my fist throught the wall or other rage attack and after I'de sit and after feeling sooo gulty..Now I know and will tell to my wife and kids..


For anyone interested in Vinton's reference to Leaky Brakes, Click Here

Now I know and will tell to my wife and kids..


I expect that experience will lift a load from your shoulders. Your family will better understand the nature of Tourette and will know how rage reactions can sometimes be a part of Tourette.

In fact, once your family understands these reactions, they can help you when they occur. As long as you are willing to cooperate, ask your family to calmly remind you this is a rage reaction, when you experience one of these.

Many people can diffuse the reaction when being reminded of what is happening at the time.

As long as everyone remains calm, the technique can frequently help.

Thank you for sharing! :2thumbs:
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