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Seeing bubbles? Might be the Skype worm...
On 10/09/07
F-Secure Labs

A Skype worm is going around. It's spreading via Skype's instant-messaging functionality (Skype Chat). Users receive messages from their friends with links to innocent-looking URLs along these lines:[removed]/dsc027.jpg[removed]/dsc027.jpg​
Although the links look like they are pointing to an image, they are not. Instead, they point to a page that will try to download a program called DSC027.SCR to your machine.

We've seen at least two different versions of this malware so far. When run, they both display one of the default built-in wallpapers in Windows (Soap Bubbles.bmp).

For more information, see our malware description and follow the Skype Heartbeat blog.
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