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Jun 22, 2005
well just a question well i have this little sister and well em and my twined sister have noticed many behaviors that she has are very intriguing and we were wondering if it there is any reason to worry cause well. first she is always walking around on her tippy toes all the time and she rarely sit s sure kids are every active but she just won't stop moving ever .. she never listens to what we say and is unable to focus on one thing at once she always stays drawing for example and then like 2 minutes later she will get up and go find something else to do drop everything that she is doing she doesn't get along with the other kids in her class at school she is somewhat violent with them and is very disrespectful at her age 6 we were wondering if that is normal behavior.... she just seems overly agitated..

David Baxter

Mar 26, 2004
It could be ADHD. Or it could be something else. She may grow out of it. She may not.

I realize that your just her sister, not her parent, but I would advise the parent to have this checked out by a pediatrician or child psychologist, if possible.


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