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David Baxter PhD

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From experience, I know that sensitivity pain can take a few weeks or even more to go away.
The pain is getting worse not better worse then when i went in to get teeth fixed. dam even oragel is not helping now.

Hsb says to go back in but i cannot do that

i am wondering if there may be an infection somewhere i don't know just hard i keep hoping it subsides.

Not able to eat much of anything just yogurt for now rm temp and room temp drinks.

Not able to really eat anything solid. uggg not that i am hungry anyways.

Hopefully by not eating anything the pain will settle down some debating if i should take pain pill or not i don't know .


Sorry to hear the pain is getting worse.
I know it's hard but it might be best to go back. In the meanwhile two Tylenol should help.

David Baxter PhD

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Your husband is right. If it's getting worse, you likely need antibiotics. Call the dentist.
I wish i could do that sometimes it is very hard for me to pick up phone and call someone.
I don't really know why but it is.
Today is Friday uggg I don't know i just don't know
I will take pain medication i have for my sciatica pain when it gets bad i take it then.
It is for nerve pain so i will take one and if that does not work maybe when my hsb gets home tonight i will call or if the pain gets so intense it will outride my fear of calling like it did before .
Oh .... this is just so hard maybe i will try i don't know why it is so hard to call people it is hard. Yes i will call and let dentist know the pain is increasing and that i am going to take the pain meds i have and if he thinks he should order an antibiotic or not yes ok ican do this i will i have too i don't want spend weekend in pain.
Um I did good i called but just my luck office is closed today. I did leave a msg stating increase in my pain and that oragel is not working and that i have to take pain med to ease the pain some
I hope they call me back if not today it will be Mon i guess.
They left a number to call if it is an emergency dental issue but um i don't think this is an emergency just hard that all pain i use to be able to deal with pain not now though.

I did call though so that is over with now. taking pain meds now

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
What about your family doctor? Are they open? They should be able to tell whether or not there is an infection.
Maybe when hsb gets home maybe i can call my family doctor yes
Staying in now don't want to go anywhere
Maybe family doctor can order antibiotics if there is infection
I wish i didn't go in to dentist now I have NO luck when it comes to dentist work always complications always.
Thanks for idea. i really really find it hard to go places i don't want to be weak infront of people it is ok here but not infront of people
hsb should get home at 330 today hope maybe then i can call my doctor


Think of it this way:
You didn't think you could call the dentist earlier and you did.
I encourage you to go ahead and not wait for your husband to get home and call your doctor's office.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Take a deep breath and dial away ;)
ugggg i did not call i just did not call been using pain med and oragel and everything else to null pain

Hoping by M.onday all will get better i don't know if not dentist should call back and i will get him to prescribe antibiotics if need be

I think alot had to do with fact i had teeth cleaned day before he worked on them and all that cleaning agitated all nerve endings on top of getting them fixed

Everything is inflamed so hopefully things settle down soon. i just wont eat or drink that much until them. Good way to lose weight
l hope you are feeling better soon. l got an infection in a tooth l had pulled so l gargled with salt water and took my pain meds until l saw my family Dr. who prescribed Amoxcillan for 10 days, which cleared up the infection and l was pain free about the 2nd day of taking the Antibiotics. Take care !


Hope you can get the pain taken care of tomorrow.
Keep us updated
I had a lot to do this morning dentist did call back but i was not here looking after everyone. I did finally get the courage to call back and i am now booked into see dentist tomorrow ugggggggggg
I am not sure abt this but the pain is still there not as intense but still i cannot eat or drink anything without pain.

Maybe i should have waited longer but i have booked it now so will go in tomorrow uggg and see if antibiotics will help. It is just crazy how nothing works on this nerve pain.
I will really really really try to go no excuses and just get things looked at. Hopefully if antibiotics are needed the healing will be quicker with them. I have tried everything else and it has not worked just so i did not have to go back but your right i need to go back and i did it before i can again .
You will feel so much better with Antibiotics and no more pain. l wish you well.


Glad you are going FMN. Ditto on what David and Michelle said!
I went dentist just evened out teeth a bit said were pressure points causing pain. I told him heat causes the pain he said just to use sensitive toothpaste leave it on the areas of pain no antibiotics that it jst won't have anything hot to eat or drink until it settles down some more tired now have to lie down thanks for getting me there
Just want to know if the pain will end it is not subsiding I cannot eat or drink without intense pain even when i use oragel the sensitive mouthwash and toothpaste and pain meds I just need to know it will end soon.
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