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What I am afraid of is that the doctor will tell you to go see a dentist and all that waiting will be lost time suffering for nothing.
I don't understand why the dentist you saw is not taking care of your problem. After all that's his job! :mad:
It is ok GaryQ i am use to pain and i will be ok whatever happens

i will get me better i will i always have somehow.

If the doctor tells me to go back to dentist i will tell him that will not happen so he either helps me or i will be on my own again but that is ok I am use to being on my own.
I was able to get some food into me this evening the oragel seemed to help tonight so maybe i am healing some i hope. I also took pain meds tonight so i could eat better.
I do not understand why the dentist did not hear me when i said i was in excruciating pain omg but that ok he tried to help by leveling off the teeth some. He had me in and out of there so fast I cannot blame him i would not want me there either after what i did. I am going to be ok no matter what i can and will take care of me i will. thanks to everyone for support .


Next time that dentist has his fingers in your mouth bite him harder than last time and tell him not to worry it should stop hurting soon.;)

We all still hope the pain stops soon.
You know, l was terrified to talk on the phone years ago and l had no reason why. l also dreaded answering the phone to strangers but once l was divorced, moved where l had no family, l was in therapy and the fear went away because l had no choice but to take care of myself and anything to do with bills and shopping. l am sorry to hear you also feel that way, but try thinking making any phone calls for the pain you are suffering has a positive ending such as getting help for your mouth and the end results of your trying to talk on the phone outweigh the fear, even if it is starting with one phone call or maybe you know someone who can make the calls for you?? i know you have done wonders for me in the past with your posts to me, so l hope l can at least try to help you.
l am sorry you still have no relllief after this weekend. l hope something good happens soon for you
I could not make that call today but i am getting better the pain is decreasing now

I actually think my jaw was dislocated a bit too

I do not think i will need to see any doctors now the medication is working and the oragel is working now and i am able to eat some now so that is good.

I guess it just took longer to start healing that all.

If it get worse again at least i still have appt with my doctor on the 23rd of this month.

I will wait to cancel that one as i may need to go but for now i am tolerating the pain better thanks Michelle.
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