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I honestly don't know how much more I can take from my husbands exwife and there disfunctional of a family. My husbands son who is 6 is in 1st grade and he is stuggling in school, exwife thinks she needs to pull him out of school because its the teachers fault he is falling behind.. Her great idea is to either (A) put him in a private christian school which cost $250.00 a month. no way. or (B) she wants to teach him her self. Im against both idea's. Both me and my husband are going to the school and requesting a him to see a school psychologist and get some testing done to see ware his learning levels are. And to possibly see if the child has ADD. He might and he might not. I just want to rule that out. I think it is important to find out while he is so young.

So part two of my don't know how much more I can take is, I cannot stand the environment those kids are living in. Mom and the two kids lives with her step mom (who used to work at Department of health and welfare) and step dad, her step brother who is violent and that has mild austim, and step sister who is mentally challenged and possibly has autism. And they all live in this small condo. Kids have a bedroom in the basement this is ware kids don't play in there room because its so messy and full of cat poop. Mom and grandma just let the kids get away with anything, sets them out to play and doesn't bother acknowledge that they are even there. The kids always come over on the ever other weekend and when they come over they have on dirty dingy, smokey smelling clothes that don't even match. Now she dresses them like this at school and she wonders why her kids are getting teased at school. Exwifes mom is being a fraud and charging are insurance saying she is counseling the kids? Which I don't even think she can do.

Part three of this whole ordeal. My mom mentioned something to me that I really didn't want to hear. and that was "Before you married your husband aunt told me that she didn't want me to marrie him because of his family and his exwifes family. I wish I would have know what I know now. All this has been on my mind for a while, and quiet frankly I don't know what Im supposed to do. What do I do? This is killing me
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