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I just happen to find this forum and hoping to get some answers.. My therapist wants to put me under hypnosis to get at something from my childhood he thinks i have totally repressed. I dont think hypnosis would work on me but I am willing to give it a try. My question is, how does hypnosis work and does it normally work with every patient? I have a feeling I will start laughing when he tries to talk "hocus pocus" to me.

Thank You!

David Baxter PhD

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I don't know a whole lot about hypnosis, sunset, other than people vary in terms of susceptibility to hypnosis. Perhaps someone with experience as a patient or practitioner can give you some insight.


Thank you for your reply Dr Baxter... I will keep checking.

By the way... I love that you set up this forum! You seem like a very dedicated and caring Dr, and I for one appreciate having a place to "talk" with others about this kind of stuff.
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