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what is it with people and telling me that i have typical rape victim behavior like how is it still noticeable like it has been like 4 years that it all ended and people can still notice in the way i act the things i do it is frustrating like really since when is a teacher aloud to tell me that my behavior is not normal like what is normal so i got scared when he touched my arm.. and i may have over reacted but still it it is my life just because i was afraid of him does not mean i am a victim why do people see me as a victim anyway .. the word victim seems to low so defenseless so week then they say it is not my fault but they contradict themselves first i am week and a victim then i am innocent.. i am mad .. is it written on my head that i was abused.. like really i feel so vulnerable lately.. at the hospital the other day the Dr. had to get a nurse to come in the room with him because i was too afraid to let him touch me .. why is this all starting over..


Re: typical???

hi Ashley, the next time some-one refers to you as a victim, tell them in no uncertain terms that you're not, you're a survivor. As for getting scared when the teacher put his hand on you, i would be too, and i'm 45yrs old, same goes if a doctor has to see me, my gp is a female so i'm okay there, but recently a male doc had to check me over before admitting me to hospital and he had to call a nurse in before he came near me.. and i knew him!!

i don't really have an answer to your question,
but i could identify with some of what u wrote.

stay strong ashley ok.



Re: typical???

Any time a doctor examines you, there should be a female nurse in the room. That's not a reflection on you, Ashley. That's how it ought to be. You should expect it, and demand it.

As nsa said, you're not a victim. You are definitely a survivor! That's exactly what you tell people who call you a victim. Even if they don't mean to be insulting, they need to realize that there is a better way to say what they're trying to say.
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