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Developed by the FORCE Society for Kids? Mental Health
May 2016

This attached PDF document answers questions that parents may have concerning getting help for their child's mental health:

Where do I start if I think my child is having difficulties?

Where should parents look when searching for a mental health professional?

What can I do while waiting to see a specialist?

My child seems to need a lot of blood tests is there any way to make this easier for him/her?

What are some things my child?s school can to do to help while I am sorting out testing, services, etc. for my child?

Where do I start seeking help for my child at school?

What does it mean if my child receives a special needs designation from the Ministry of Education?

What if my child needs to be hospitalized or requires more extensive intervention?

How do I apply for a disability tax credit for my child?

What can I do if I don?t seem to be getting anywhere?


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